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AmeriMed in Los Barriles

"Top quality health clinics and hospitals, like AmeriMed, are aimed to serve sophisticated tourists in the area.  These hospitals and clinics offer medical treatment that resemble those offered in developed countries.  Regular procedures could be up to 50 percent lower and the cost of more complicated procedures could be reduced by as much as 80 percent."

--Harvard Business School, 2008


AmeriMed in Los Barriles is a satellite clinic of the AmeriMed hospitals in San Jose del Cabo (50 minutes away) and Cabo San Lucus (about an hour 1/2 away). The full-service clinic in Los Barriles has been around for years and has a great track record. AmeriMed provides full medical services based upon U.S. standards of health care with a full range of emergency and routine services, plus a pharmacy. The Los Barriles AmeriMed Clinic operates EMT and ambulance service and is staffed with bilingual, in-house physicians. Nurses provide total quality care, supported by the latest in technology.  Los Barriles has an AmeriMed clinic. AmeriMed operates in various parts of touristic Mexico, and include a hospital in both San Jose (50 minutes away) and one in Cabo San Lucas to the south.

“The other goldmine that Americans and Canadians are getting in Mexico is the veritable healthcare jackpot they enjoy that includes full medical, dental and vision coverage for about $600 a year. This government run healthcare plan (IMSS) was created for Mexican employees but is also open to legal foreigners. Imagine a healthcare-fantasy world where there are no deductibles, no co-pays, no limits, no prescriptions to pay for and even pre-existing conditions are covered after 1-2 years. No small reason to make your way to Mexico.”
--- Mexico Real Estate New