Affordable Medical Care

La Paz, less than an hour away from your Pacific Coast property in Conquista Agraria is the medical center for the state. There are five major hospitals — all with modern equipment. 

La Paz is one of the premier cities for major medical care for most of Baja Sur. There are five hospitals in La Paz. IMMS, Salvatierra, the Catholic Hospital (which is mainly a surgery ward for independent doctors) The Military Hospital and Fidapaz.

Fidapaz, a private hosptial, is clean, uncrowded and a variety of specialists are available.

The military hospital has an excellent reputation. It is a pay-as-you go hospital with a menu at the front desk. Waiting is nil, most doctors speak English and US military are offered discounts with an ID.

The New Salvatierra Hospital
The new Salvatierra Hospital in La Paz opened in 2010. President Caldarone called it one of the most advanced hospitals in Mexico.

The new Salvatierra Hospital is a brand new hospital, which opened in 2010.  is located in the Civic Plaza near Soriana. When President Felipe Calderón opened the hospital, he declared it one of the most advanced in Mexico, with more than double the capacity of the old Salvatierra.

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