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Vista del Cortez, Los Barriles' Eco-friendly Community 



Los Barriles, Baja, California Sur – April 11, 2011 – A new, family-owned

property development company based in Los Barriles, Baja del Sur, is selling ocean view home sites with a twist.


Baja Dream Properties announced this week the planned development of Los Barriles’ first eco-friendly housing development.


The eco-friendly community is called Vista del Cortez, and includes 58 home sites, each 1/3 to ½-acre perched on a gently sloping mountain – A couple miles North of Los Barriles and one mile from the world-famous Sea of Cortez.


San Bartolo Arroyo -- A Natural Greenbelt  

This the view looking north at the wide swath of the San Bartolo Arroyo from the Vista del Cortez property. Pivot southeast, and the view is of the Sea of Cortez. It's easy to play favorites with the incredible selection of views from almost every lot in the Vista del Cortez Community: Hmmm, should I look east at the Sea of Cortez? Southeast, at the miles of white sandy coastline stretching to Cabo San Lucas? The town of Los Barriles twinkling down below?

Here's another view that is also truly impressive. The San Bartolo Arroyo, is an ancient, and jaw-droppingly huge riverbed that edges the Vista del Cortez Community. If you tool up the Arroyo, even 10 minutes, you can find fresh mountain water. The Arroyo begins in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains and empties out in the Sea of Cortez, stretched out below you.

Sunrise Over Los Barriles 

Here's the northern end of the town of Los Barriles, perched right on the shores of Sea of Cortez. This is the sunrise view from the Vista del Cortez property.

Sunrise Over Vista del Cortez 

My brother Kirt and I work up before dawn on this January morning with the goal to watch the sunrise from his Vista del Cortez property. Both of us wanted to check out the light, how it played on the water, the mountains and the San Bartolo Arroyo. I wanted to imagine what I might see if (ahem, I mean when) I built my dream house on one of the lots. And I played it out in my mind. I saw myself staggering out of bed in the morning, grabbing my tea and walking out on to my imaginary deck just as sun was rising from the horizon of the Sea of Cortez. What if I got to see that every morning? 

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