San Bartolo Arroyo -- A Natural Greenbelt

This the view looking north at the wide swath of the San Bartolo Arroyo from the Vista del Cortez property. Pivot southeast, and the view is of the Sea of Cortez. It's easy to play favorites with the incredible selection of views from almost every lot in the Vista del Cortez Community: Hmmm, should I look east at the Sea of Cortez? Southeast, at the miles of white sandy coastline stretching to Cabo San Lucas? The town of Los Barriles twinkling down below?

Here's another view that is also truly impressive. The San Bartolo Arroyo, is an ancient, and jaw-droppingly huge riverbed that edges the Vista del Cortez Community. If you tool up the Arroyo, even 10 minutes, you can find fresh mountain water. The Arroyo begins in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains and empties out in the Sea of Cortez, stretched out below you.

It is illegal - by order of the Mexican government - to build on the Arroyo. That means the riverbed, wildlife, cordon cactus, palo verde and palo blanco trees are forever protected and provide a natural greenbelt inhancing your investment and your views as a property owner in the Vista del Cortez Community.

In this photo, you can see Hwy #1, the main paved highway traversing Baja. Pictured here is the northern-bound stretch of highway moving toward La Paz. And, in about the middle of the photo,  you can also see the main subdivision road for the Vista del Cortez Community -- where it accesses Highway #1. There's also an alternative, shortcut road from the back end of the Vista del Cortez Community, which is an easy 5-7 minute quad ride to Los Barriles and to the beach. No matter how you get to the Vista del Cortez Community - Hwy # or the shortcut, all you ever have to say to describe exactly where you've brought property is explain that it edges the San Bartolo Arroyo - one of the most identifiable geographic landmarks in the area. Now you see why.