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We can help you select architects and builders and assist you with the everything from contract negoiations, permitting design, scheduling, materials recommendations, payments, status reports, change orders, submission of legal documents, construction oversight and finish selection.

We can confidently sugggest  Desert Rose Development Construction Management Services based in Los Barriles, which offers outstanding top-to-bottom services and consultation. Desert Rose can provide regular updates on your building progress including digital photos and movies and regular status reports.

“For those looking to build on the East Cape, we want to wholeheartedly recommend Desert Rose Development for project management services. Our house was recently completed and Pam and Blake at Desert Rose made the construction process completely painless by managing the contractor, payments and the entire process, ensuring the quality of the work and facilitating all sorts of related tasks (full turnkey service).  They are full time residents and have lots of local experience to draw upon.”

John and Cathy Buchovecky-Beckley
Kensington, MD / BCS

Together, we can keep your project on-budget, on-time and on task.



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