Building in Baja

Building In Mexico: A Great Value

Local craftwork is extraordinary and construction prices are extremely affordable. General building costs range from $75 to $100 per-square-foot depending on materials used.

The most common building materials are stucco block and concrete.

Goregous locally crafted tile, stone and customized woodwork are hallmarks of the Los Barriles and La Paz- area builders. A special local feature is crafting stunning varnished support beams and finish work from work hulled from the core of the local Cordon Cactus. 

Baja uses the same electrical service -- 110v and 220v. - as the US. And wall plug-ins are the same. All the same amenties and building features available in the US -- are available in Baja -- and more affordable, including wireless internet and energy-saving solar technology for home, pool and garden.