Working remotely just got easier

Companies are springing up, helping professionals work from their dream locations for relatively low costs, reports The Wall Street Journal. For a $5,000 lump sum and $2,000 per month, Remote Year takes care of travel, lodging and workspaces for professionals who bounce from new city to city each month, while working their regular jobs. Hacker Paradise and Unsettled offer variations on the …

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Take Advantage of Our Owner Financing

The price is incredible and the option of owner financing sweetens the deal. This beachfront paradise is $60k. Four Acres, more than 40 feet of beach, one mile deep, dotted with Cordon cactus. Sturdy roads, less than an hour from La Paz. Baja Baja del Sur beachfront property own beachfront property Owner Financing Pacific Coast Property

Live and Retire in Baja

“Retire to the land of peasant uprisings and economic chaos? Americans are finding the reality behind the media image to be tremendously appealing: The weather’s great, the people are warm and a devalued peso makes them instantly richer.” — U.S. News and World Report “Mexico wins the Annual Global Retirement Index two out of the …

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Secured With US Title Insurance

Retirees and investors alike have never felt more comfortable in their south-of the-border purchase because they are confident in knowing their investment is secured with US Title Insurance. And  many leading financial institutions are ready and willing to lend on these secure purchases. Buying property in Mexico is easy, safe and secure.  Multinational corporations would …

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