Priced right, this 1/3-acre-lot sits on a hilltop overlooking the Vista del Cortez Community. An amazing piece of property for only $35k, complete with views of the Sea of Cortez, which is only minutes away, and the natural greenbelt provided by the San Bartolo Arroyo.

Imagine waking up to this view. Priced at only $65k. This is an incredible deal. New roads have gone in, with water and power going in next. Get in now, on the ground floor, before prices go up. Similar lots in the area are selling twice for twice as much or more. This property has amazing views from all directions, is only minutes away from the beach and town  -- and only an hour from the International Airport.

This 1,500 square-foot lot is an outstanding price for $55K. The views are incredible no matter which way you look. We've built a second-story viewing platform on this lot so you can get a feel for the amazing views enjoyed from your dream home.

SOLD!   Just minutes from the beach, this property edges the impressive San Bartolo Arroyo -- an ancient riverbed that begins in the majestic Sierra de la Laguna Mountain range, a view you also enjoy from this property. The Arroyo mouth meets the Sea of Cortez, spread out directly in front of you.The Mexican Government has declared it illegal to ever build on the arroyo. So enjoy your unobstructed view forever.

An eagle-eye view of the Vists del Cortez Community. This lot has no obstructed views and is nestled into the mountain overlooking the Sea of Cortez spread below you -- and only minutes away. Newly built subdivision roads make building easy and more affordable.

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