“Retire to the land of peasant uprisings and economic chaos? Americans are finding the reality behind the media image to be tremendously appealing: The weather’s great, the people are warm and a devalued peso makes them instantly richer.”

— U.S. News and World Report

Baja del Sur Up To 26 Times Safer Than U.S. Based on FBI and Government crime statistics.

Baja's biggest tourist areas remain a paradise for investors, vactioners and retirees.

Despite some bad press coverage recently, Mexico’s tourist zones are very safe and real estate investment in Baja offers some of the best opportunities in the western hemisphere at the moment.

Study indicates that major tourist zones -- including Los Barriles and the rest of Baja del Sur -- is 26 times safer than many U.S. cities.

Most violence in Mexico is restricted to isolated zones in certain areas of Mexico City and U.S. border areas.

Baja del Sur is safer than most American cities, according to a study conducted by Mexican real estate agency, RE/MAX Investment -- and based on FBI and Mexican Goverment crime statistics.

The 2009 report  showed that the Mexican state of Baja California Sur - home to Los Barriles, Los Cabos, La Paz and Loreto - has a homicide rate:

·      26 times lower than Orlando

·     18 times lower than Miami

·     17 times lower than West Palm Beach

·      12 times lower than Tampa

·       and half that of Honolulu

A further comparison of American cities showed that Baja has a  has a homicide rate 39 times lower than Washington D.C., 19 times lower than Houston, 17 times lower than Dallas, seven times lower than the city of New York and three times lower than Vancouver, according to the RE/MAX  study.

TALK ABOUT SAFETY CONCERNS. Along Baja's East Cape, fast drivers mixed with animals wandering on the roads, is the only real danger.