A Smart Investment

It is estimated that nearly 2 million Americans currently live full time or part time in Mexico. Since 1994, foreign investment into Mexico has totaled more than $10 billion.

Vista del Cortez Community- A Smart Investment   

Los Barriles is a charming Mexican town on the sought-after East Cape of Baja California.  The population of roughly 5,000 is divided equally between Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans.  The relaxed atmosphere, kind and gentle people, excellent year-round weather, fantastic and inexpensive authentic Mexican food, and a low cost of living make this an excellent place to own property.

Location. There is a limited supply of ocean view property, and its scarcity has always made for a high demand.  The stunning views of the Sea of Cortez in the foreground, the magnificence of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range in the background, and the impressive San Bartolo Arroyo below, make Vista del Cortez a spectacular location.

Convenience. Vista del Cortez is just 45 minutes away from the San Jose Del Cabo International Airport with many direct US flights; and just over an hour’s drive from Cabo San Lucas – one of the world’s most famous tropical playgrounds.  One of the great advantages of owning property in the Vista del Cortez Community is if you live stateside, you can simply hop on a plane and be at your vacation home or investment property in a matter of hours. Imagine in the morning, you’re listening to American weather and traffic reports, checking your email. That same afternoon, you could be strolling along the Sea of Cortez -- getting ready to watch the sunset from the patio of your ocean-view Vista del Cortez home.

Live by the Sea. Bask in year-round beach weather. Experience world-class sportfishing, kiteboarding, snorkeling, quad travel, eco-tourism, bike riding or just strolling along the sandy beach. Los Barriles has it all – pristine beaches, charming local culture, markets, cantinas, health care & dental services, shaded beach palapas, upscale dinning and charming sea-front hotels.

Financing Available. Minimize your risk and reduce your out of pocket expense.  Take advantage of our fantastic owner financing option.

Baja is Booming. Owning property in Vista del Cortez provides buyers with an excellent opportunity to benefit from getting in on the ground floor as the area is experiencing an unparalleled surge in development.

The East Cape, which primarily attracted windsurfers and fishermen, is now evolving into a destination resort community to North American artists, retirees, investors and families seeking a more relaxing pace of life.

Cabo Riviera Marina & Hotel. Twenty minutes away and currently under development, is the Cabo Riviera - the first and only full-size Marina on the Sea of Cortez- it includes a marina development two five-star resort hotels and a Pete Dye golf course and two housing subdivisions.  Currently under construction & expected to be complete by 2015.

"I think that out-of-favor real estate in Mexico, that's easily accessible to Americans, represents a great buy. It's not such a bad idea to diversify away from stocks. Mexico properties have no property taxes, are easy to maintain and there are property managers everywhere"

 -- CNBC "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer

Diversify Your Portfolio.

Mexico is the  #1 place in the world for investments by North Americans.

The two major contributing factors to the boom happened in 1994, the year the US passed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the same year the Mexican Government changed its Constitutions to allow foreigners to buy land near the beaches and border.

 Billions of dollars have poured into Mexico because of its stunning beaches, abundance of outdoor activities, relaxed and friendly culture and low cost of living. 

In today’s uncertain economic times it is hard to find a safe place to put your money.  Ocean view property, in the path of growth, purchased at wholesale, is an excellent investment and one that should be seriously considered not only for the quality of life it offers -- but also as a secure investment.

The Vista del Cortez property is amazing. The scenery is unparalleled – the views are fantastic -- to be able to see the Sea of Cortez . The property is very affordable as far as the market is concerned.  Especially after looking at the comps (area property price comparisons).

Tom Klosterman
San Clemente, CA

Vista del Cortez: An Extremely Affordable Opportunity.  Consider that beach lots just minutes away are selling for between $350,000-$1 million.  Million-dollar homes are being bought, built and sold all along the East Cape.  To buy ocean view lots for as little as $35,000 is unheard of in the area.  Check out the sales comparables we have listed on our site or look for ones on your own. Our value is exceptional.

The Mexican Peso has been the strongest currency in the world in the past four years.

Bloomberg reports that the peso has gained 7.5 percent against the dollar in 2010, beating every other major currency.  The peso is expected to rise another 11 percent by the end of 2011.

Many Leading Economists Predict a further decline in the value of the dollar as our government continues to print money and incur huge fiscal deficits. These economists insist buying tangible assets such as land is an excellent way to take ownership of something tangible, and diversify away from paper assets whose value can vanish quickly and arbitrarily.  Ocean view property, secured with US Title Insurance, is more likely to hold its value than the US dollar as the US Government continues its deficit spending and reduced overseas demand for the dollar make its future skeptical.

According to Moody’s Latin America, Mexico is racing out of the recession, recording a 4.3 percent growth rate thus far in 2010 (faster than the U.S.) and a 10 percent trough-to-peak increase which bests almost every other economy worldwide.  Moody's expects this growth to continue.

- Harvard Business School


Buy at Wholesale. Buying at a discount is important to everybody.  Take advantage of the exceptional value our properties offer by comparing our pricing to similar properties in the area. We offer stunning property, in an excellent location, and sell it far below what others have theirs listed for.  This ensures you have instant equity in your property the moment you take title.  That’s a smart investment.