Cabo San Lucas: Your Nearby Playground

Your homesite in the Vista del Cortez Community in the charming town of Los Barriles is less than an hour and ½ from Cabo San Lucas - one of the world's most beautiful seaside playgrounds.

It's a Smart Investment to Buy Property Now In Los Barriles
Cabo and Los Barriles may be a short drive away, but there is still a huge difference in property prices. That's why we're encouraging investors to get in on the ground floor now in the Vista del Cortez Community in Los Barriles -- before oceanview property prices begin to soar like they have in Cabo.

Here's A Quick Comparision.

This 660 square-meter homesite on land about a mile to the beach in Cabo is listed $215,000. See listing at: VivaReal.

This 1,536 square-meter homesite in the Vista del Cortez Community in Los Barriles with a view of the Sea of Cortez (lot #12, MZA 2) is listed at $35K.

The homesites in the Vista del Cortez Community,  just an hour and 1/2 away from Cabo  -- are four times bigger (between 1,500 and 2,000+ square-meters) and cost four times less! -- with lots starting at $35K to $85K.

These prices won't last long, with only so much oceanview property available, investing now and buying a homesite in the Vista del Cortez Community and then watching as your property values soar will feel great.

You may just want to celebrate your smart investment by whooping it up in Cabo -- close enough to play for the day and take in the nightlife - but still far enough way.


Cabo is the 5th most traveled destination in the world — behind San Francisco, New York, London and Paris.

Cabo boasts the nearby international airport and world-famous, pro-tournament golf courses.

Designer shopping and restaurants. 

A festive bar scene

Nightlight &  beachfront restaurants

Spectacular tourist resorts

And if you need them, Cabo also has all the usual box stores — Wal-Mart, Costco, Home Depot, Office Max and more.


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