Plants & Animals

The amazing journey from the Sierra de la Laguna Moutain range down to the Sea of Cortez is a stunning parade of plants and animals.


The wildlife on this journey that you are likely to see are wild horses

burros and cows


and so many birds: Caracaras,

Ravens, Cardinals, Doves, Egret, Heron

and Road Runners. 

There’s the backdrop of the mountains


the arid-tropical desert with amazing fauna and flora



and then when you come around the bend and see the ocean for the first time as a backdrop to acres of large old cactus, it takes your breath away.


The Sea of Cortez is the most food-rich ocean of the world and supports the largest number of sea creatures. 

Eight hundred varieties of fish, seven varieties of whales


including Blues, Humpbacks and Grays, leatherback turtles, dolphins, manta ray and sea lions.