Live & Retire in Baja

 "Mexico Wins the Annual Global Retirement Index two out of the last three years."

-- International Living Magazine



Cost of Living

The cost of living is up to 50 percent less than in the USA or Canada.

A couple can live comfortably in Baja along the East Cape for between $1,500 and $2,000 a month – dining out, maintaining a home, even hiring outside professionals to help with gardening and cleaning.

Utilities average one third of the cost in the US.


Amazingly Low Taxes -- or Even No Taxes


No State income taxes and property taxes are 1/10 of 1%!  A $300,000 home will cost about $300/year in taxes.


Bottomline, your dollar stretches further and buys more in Mexico today than it has in more than 15 years, according to International Living Magazine.


“The gringos are moving where the living is easy… They move south not so much in pursuit of the sun, which they could find just as easily in Florida or Arizona, but in a search for a cheaper way of life” 

— The Economist


Surging Economy


The Mexican economy recorded a 4.3 percent growth rate in the first quarter of 2010 alone (much faster than the U.S.) If you had invested $10,000 here in 2000 you would have witnessed a 233 percent gain, according to Mexican Real Estate News.


“Retire to the land of peasant uprisings and economic chaos? Americans are finding the reality behind the media image to be tremendously appealing: The weather’s great, the people are warm and a devalued peso makes them instantly richer.”

— U.S. News and World Report


The Mexican Peso has been the strongest currency in the world in the past four years.


“Mexico has long been every North American’s favorite budget break, with its inviting cocktail of emerald jungles, turquoise seas, golden sands and happening resorts. But in 2009, it suddenly became even cheaper, as the US dollar grew to its most favorable rate against the Mexican peso in 15 years.”

— Lonely Planet


Healthcare Heaven

“The other goldmine that Americans and Canadians are getting in Mexico is the veritable healthcare jackpot they enjoy that includes full medical, dental and vision coverage for about $600 a year. This government run healthcare plan (IMSS) was created for Mexican employees but is also open to legal foreigners. Imagine a healthcare-fantasy world where there are no deductibles, no co-pays, no limits, no prescriptions to pay for and even pre-existing conditions are covered after 1-2 years. No small reason to make your way to Mexico.”

--- Mexico Real Estate News

AmeriMed in Los Barriles and Los Cabos: Affordable, Western Healthcare


AmeriMed in Los Barriles is a satellite clinic of the AmeriMed hospitals in San Jose del Cabo (50 minutes away) and Cabo San Lucus (about an hour 1/2 away). The full-service clinic in Los Barriles has been around for years and has a great track record. AmeriMed provides full medical services based upon U.S. standards of health care with a full range of emergency and routine services, plus a pharmacy. The Los Barriles AmeriMed Clinic operates EMT and ambulance service and is staffed with bilingual, in-house physicians. Nurses provide total quality care, supported by the latest in technology.  Los Barriles has an AmeriMed clinic. AmeriMed operates in various parts of touristic Mexico, and include a hospital in both San Jose (50 minutes away) and one in Cabo San Lucas to the south.

"Top quality health clinics and hospitals, like AmeriMed, are aimed to serve sophisticated tourists in the area.  These hospitals and clinics offer medical treatment that resemble those offered in developed countries.  Regular procedures could be up to 50 percent lower and the cost of more complicated procedures could be reduced by as much as 80 percent."

--Harvard Business School, 2008


Maintain US Benefits & Still Qualify for Low-Cost Mexican Healthcare Program


Retirees can still receive US Social Security benefits and apply for Mexican Health Insurance.


This government-funded health care uses the same high-tech medical procedures  available in the US, but medical insurance is far less expensive and includes medications, with no deductibles or co-pays. There are countless state-of the- art hospitals, such as the above-mentioned AmeriMed, and care homes are being built for aging baby boomers arriving from north of the border.


Infrastructure & Communication

In 2008, Mexico’s government launched a 5-year, $250 billion program to build new highways, railways, airports and ports throughout the country. Mexico has a First-World infrastructure, including high-speed internet, mobile telephone networks, high-tech medicine, paved multi-lane freeways and much more.


Phone, cellphone services, wireless and high-speed internet and  U.S. television channels are available in Baja del Sur --  and in the beachside town of  Los Barriles - home of the Vista del Cortez homesites.

“What’s more, creature comforts of American life are increasingly becoming available south of the border. Satellite and cable television bring news and entertainment right into ex-pat’s living rooms, the Internet keeps them in touch with hometown newspapers, and American food brands are available at the supermarket.”


East Cape Retirees: Live Close To Cabo San Lucas and the International Airport


Cabo San Lucas

When you retire or live part-time in the charming beachside town of Los Barriles for example, you  are less than an hour and ½ from Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo is the 5th most desirable travel destination in the world — behind San Francisco, New York, London and Paris.


Cabo boasts the nearby international airport, pro-tournament golf courses, designer shopping, restaurants, a festive bar scene and nightlight, beachfront restaurants and spectacular tourist resorts. And if you need them, Cabo also has all the usual box stores — Wal-Mart, Costco, Home Depot, Office Max and more.


Close to airport

The San Jose del Cabo International airport — which has flights from most major US cities — is a little more than an hour from Los Barriles and the Vista del Cortez Community ~ on the Sea of Cortez. This makes retirement and part-time living along the East Cape actually do-able.  You have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy your sweet sunnny, relaxing, and affordable life in Baja del Sur, but not feel cut off from family, friends and your life back in the States or Canada. Many retirees and part-time Baja residents go back and forth easily and often.


Live & Retire in Los Barriles

"Los Barriles — one of the 10 Best Places to Retire."

— Money Magazine



Who doesn’t dream of retiring next to the sea? Or living part time in a tropical paradise, with affordable healthcare, where your dollar buys 50 percent more and you end your day watching the sun set over the water?

$85K for this stunning 1/3 acre homesite in the Vista del Cortez, Eco-friendly Community overlooking the Sea of Cortez. 

The Vista del Cortez Eco-friendly Community ~ on the Sea of Cortez is a housing community that is affordable, beautiful and the perfect place to live part time, retire or simply land bank as an investment.


$65K for this 1/3 acre homesite in the Vista Del Cortez, Eco-friendly Community overlooking the protected Green Belt of the San Bartolo Arroyo and the Sea of Cortez.

It’s Beautiful

The community has 58 lots, each 1/3 to 1/2 acre, all with stunning views of the Sea of Cortez, the town of Los Barriles hugging the seashore, the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, and the San Bartolo Arroyo green belt.


Lowest Prices In The Area
Lots start at just $35,000. We own all of our property free and clear. We purchased this prime land in one of the most desired and beautiful locations by buying directly from the Mexican landowners -- without going through any middle agents. That gave us the opportunity to pass these savings on to you - at wholesale prices. We encourage you to do a search on area property price comparisions. You'll see that our prices, our values, are the very best you can find. 


You can REJUVENATE YOUR LIFE by retiring and living part-time in Baja del Sur. Enjoy better weather, a lower cost of living and excellent healthcare at a fraction of the cost in the U.S. by making the Vista del Cortez Community ~ in Los Barriles on the Sea of Cortez your new part-time or full-time home. 

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