Secured With US Title Insurance

Retirees and investors alike have never felt more comfortable in their south-of the-border purchase because they are confident in knowing their investment is secured with US Title Insurance. And  many leading financial institutions are ready and willing to lend on these secure purchases.

Buying property in Mexico is easy, safe and secure.  Multinational corporations would not insure and finance these transactions if property ownership in Mexico was not 100 percent protected.

Title Insurance

Baja Dream Properties owns all property outright. All of our properties in the Vista del Cortez Community have legal title and are insured with US Title Insurance. 

Why is this important? 

Title insurance is highly recommended on all purchases done in Mexico. Just like in the US, A title Insurance policy provides security against the loss of land as a result of a title problem. When purchasing property in the United States, most banks and mortgage companies require title insurance prior to granting a loan.

That’s why we bought US Title Insurance for every parcel we own. That’s why you’ll want to do the same. The good news is that we’ve made it much easier for you to obtain your own insurance since we’ve already laid the ground work on each and every parcel. All of our parcels are legally subdivided with recorded parcel numbers ensuring that clean, legal title can be transferred.

Since Baja Dream Properties has title insurance on all properties in the Vista del Cortez Community, we can assist you in your efforts to secure your purchase with your own title policy.

All the companies listed below offer US title Insurance on your home or land in Baja.  If you have any questions, we can help you get started.

Stewart Title

Stewart Title Cabo

Land America

Fidelity Global Solutions

Fidelity National Title de Mexico

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