Los Barriles town has recently paved central streets that are lined with a colorful collection of village stores, banks and clinics; quiet dusty lanes head off at odd angles leading into a timeless world where sleepy dogs amble from one napping spot to the next.

There has been a small but steady influx of people from the States and Canada
who find it hard to leave once they have tasted the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

There is great beauty in the place: nestled on the breathtaking Sea of Cortez
and surrounded by ancient austere hills, it’s no wonder artists, naturalists and water sports enthusiasts are drawn here and find it difficult to leave.

This place is the real deal.

Just don’t tell anyone else about it.

Kate Magruder

Ukiah, CA


“I have been coming to the Baja area for over 20 years. I had heard about the beauty and tranquility of the Sea of Cortez, but it wasn’t until I actually spent time there that I realized the majesty of the calm sea. Los Barriles is by far my favorite town in all of Baja. I would have never known had I not visited the properties myself. I know I am not going to own beachfront property in the United States, but for the price of a car, I can retreat to the warm sands of Baja.”

Harbor Williams

San Clemente, CA

“What can I say about Los Barriles?  It is simply breath taking! To be in Mexico on a beach that is surrounded by so much natural beauty is just surreal.  I walked through town to do some shopping and it was so quiet.  The proprietors will even give you a quick Spanish lesson while you visit their shops.  We are investing in property here in the Vista del Cortez Community. And when we come back we will bring our kids and one day our grandchildren too.  This is a place where families gather and hearts connect.  Los Barriles, Mi Casa away from Mi Casa!”

Brenda Storrs – Cook

Manteca, CA

Vista del Cortez property owner


“The Vista del Cortez property is amazing. The scenery is unparalleled – the views are fantastic — to be able to see the Sea of Cortez. And the whole town of Los Barriles is right there – right below you. You’re close enough to the highway. But once you’re there you do feel secluded.

The property is very affordable as far as the market is concerned.  Especially after looking at the comps (area property price comparisons).”

Tom Klosterman

San Clemente, CA

“The property is beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil. I like how I don’t hear anything except the wind blowing. And can see so many stars. Yet access to town is obviously very easy. Anyway you look at it, the property is very well situated – whether you want to get to the beach, or to go to town to run errands.”

Kristi Vanderbosch

Sacramento, CA


“Can you imagine how much it would cost to buy property on the beach in California? It’s a pretty warm feeling knowing I have ocean view property in Mexico that is only going to go up in value.”

Ron Briggs

Granite Bay, CA

Vista del Cortez property owner.


“After doing some in-depth investigating into the actual cost of living in Los Barriles, including insurance, medical care and quality, banking, taxes etc…it’s clear I could live here, comfortably, for a long, long time. Kirt was kind enough to show me the way through the legal maze and streamlined the process for me enough to let me know I could, in fact, own a parcel of sea-view land with very little hassle. I was also enthused when I was told that Kirt planned to build on his own property and was looking to this property to bring his own family to live here.”

Robin Collier

Ukiah, CA


“My father and his buddies flew into Cabo San Lucas in 1974, landed on a dirt runway, and spent four nights enjoying the simple Mexican lifestyle that thrives on relaxation and fun! Los Barriles is today what Cabo was back then; a great vibe, fantastic and affordable food, miles of beach-walking, friendly faces, and views to remember. Fishing, snorkeling, wind-surfing, beaching, walking, eating, drinking, laughing, chillin’…. Where do you get all that and still have it be affordable? Los Barriles has all this, and so much more. Wow! I can hardly wait to get back!”


Bill Lowe

Sacramento, CA