Working remotely just got easier

Companies are springing up, helping professionals work from their dream locations for relatively low costs, reports The Wall Street Journal. For a $5,000 lump sum and $2,000 per month, Remote Year takes care of travel, lodging and workspaces for professionals who bounce from new city to city each month, while working their regular jobs. Hacker Paradise and Unsettled offer variations on the same theme. What’s fueling the rise of these remote work firms? The gig economy has helped, giving workers more flexible job arrangements — as has improving technology, which, among other things, has made wifi ubiquitous. A less obvious factor is that people are not settling as early as they used to, leading to a decline in home and car ownership and even marriage. This “untethered lifestyle” allows 20-and 30-somethings to get out into the world — even if they still have to hold down a job.


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