Buying Property in Baja

Buying in Mexico

It is estimated that nearly 2 million Americans currently live full time or part time in Mexico. Since 1994, foreign investment into Mexico has totaled more than $10 billion.

“When Mexico recently (1994) firmed up laws for foreigners to own land through bank trusts, the floodgates opened… A beachfront lot 30 miles up the coast in Southern California would cost you several million dollars. South of the border, a spot on the beach on the beach can cost you less than $100,000”

CBS Evening News

Your property is yours to legally own, lease, improve, mortgage, sell, transfer title, rent, profit, inherit and will as you determine to anybody, at any time.

We own all of our properties free and clear. We have met all regulations mandated by Mexican law.  Each parcel is secured with US Title Insurance.

Fast Fact: Mexico is the  #1 place in the world for investments by North Americans.

Compared to the US

Buying property in Mexico is much the same as buying in the US. There is a recorded sales agreement, a property appraisal to determine its value and all public records are searched to determine the status of the title. The government formalizes the property transfer and ensures the seller has the legal right to sell.

Bank Trust

In Mexico the buyer takes ownership through a bank trust called a Fideicomiso. The buyer selects an authorized Mexican financial institution to set up the trust. The institution is delivered clear, lien-free title to the property. The bank acts as the trustee, with you, the buyer, as the beneficiary to the trust and to the property. The bank also acts as the employee of the beneficiary in all transactions involving the property. As the beneficiary, you retain full use and control of the property and make all decisions concerning the property.

You Have Legal Title

As the beneficiary of the Fideicomiso or Bank Trust, you hold all legal rights to your property. You have the right to use, enjoy, lease, improve, mortgage, sell, rent, profit, inherit and will the property as you determine to anybody, at any time.

It is not a long-term lease; you own the property and your ownership rights are granted in perpetuity.

It’s Our Job to Make It Easy, Simple And Safe
We work with an experienced real estate attorney, accountant and a title specialist- all of whom already know our properties and have agreed to offer our buyers generous discounts.